Sriman Bhaskar H. Save is a farmer in Gujarat, India. He has been practicing organic and natural farming since 1960 and revered as the Guru of natural farming. IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) of Bonn, Germany conferred on him the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010. The questions he asks regarding nature and humans greatly interest me.

  1. Is there any creature that starves like we humans do?
  2. Do any of them do business? Or even social work? Yet, they live disease free and depart when nature calls.
  3. So, when all the creatures around us are living happily, why do we have to struggle so much?
  4. Are we trying to beat nature in some race?

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I Wish : A Democratic Setup

Democracy that is used to form governments has not been working. That’s because the governments formed through democratic process don’t seem to really serve the people for whom they were setup. And that’s because the politicians who were voted to form the governments only have the time to serve themselves, their kin and the political party they belong. It hasn’t been difficult to observe a serious element that corrupts and deviates individuals in politics from the objectives of democratic government. I found this element to be the political parties. I wish for the demise of political parties. Continue reading

Miracle Seeds?

The field of genetic engineering developed the ability to move genes between cells, organisms and species. An organism such as a bacteria, insect, animal, seed or plant whose genetic material has been altered using the techniques of genetic engineering is called Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). In 1995 WTO ruled that micro organisms and micro-biological processes already existing in nature could be patented. This gave birth to seeds that are genetically engineered to contain a particular gene, patented and privately owned. Continue reading